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This is where you can find our monthly office hours schedule.

If you’re a WeWork member at Thanksgiving Tower or Uptown stop by to say hello and tell us about your business.

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Tuesday November 27th, 2018 | 10am – 2pm | Thanksgiving Tower Main Conference Room


WeWork Wednesdays

As part of our ongoing partnership with WeWork, we spent a few weeks highlighting DFW-area WeWork members, their respective businesses, and the contributions they are making to Dallas and its communities. WeWork Wednesdays tells the stories of local innovators and entrepreneurs and the movements they are building right here in our backyard. The volume of new businesses popping up in Dallas inspires us daily and this campaign is just the beginning in our journey to highlight the people behind the ideas. 

Alex Doubet / Door

“I couldn’t believe what happened to my Mom. The costs of selling her home had just taken thousands of dollars of her home equity. For having some professional pictures taken and a sign placed out front, the realtor earned over $2,500 per hour”… Read more

Keisha Whaley / Brass Tacks Collective

“I think there are a lot of people who are probably sitting in the same position I was in. To them, I offer that question, “if not now, when?” The world won’t wait for you to be ready for entrepreneurship.”… Read more

Brad Gregory / ComparePower

“I’ve found there really is no substitute for experience or time. It’s usually the questions that I didn’t know to ask that end up getting the best of me, so I strive to build a team with a combined perspective much larger than my own to help me see my blind spots.”… Read more 

Elizabeth Fischer / ZerModus

“Our brand is entirely focused on humans helping humans so our planner isn’t about the planner, it’s about the person and their vision for how to use it to accomplish whatever they’re setting out to accomplish.”… Read more

Adam Ward / Blockparty

“Always Go. It is the saying we live by at Blockparty. Go to the conference, make the phone call, send the email, launch your business… always go!”… Read more

Rob Greene / Square 8 Studio

“Some of the biggest leaps forward we’ve taken as a business have come on the heels of some of our biggest financial investments. I’ve been constantly amazed at the opportunities that follow a willingness to invest wisely in your success.” … Read More

Matt Alexander / Neighborhood Goods

“There’s no fixed blueprint for success. Trust your instincts, listen to wisdom from people around you, and realize that no one really knows what they’re doing in the first place.”… Read more