Adam Ward


Year founded: 2014

Industry: Events and hospitality

Do you like live music? How about sports? Most of you are probably saying yes. Next question… do you like being comfortable at these types of events? Ya, us too. But with all the crowds and being away from the comforts of your own home, a completely stress-free experience usually isn’t what you get. Adam Ward, founder of Blockparty, noticed this too and has built a company around the idea that good hospitality takes a fan’s experience to the next level. At Blockparty events all you have to do is show up. Did you just run out of ice at the tailgate? No big deal, text their on-demand service platform and a Blockparty attendant will bring you more. Sounds pretty great, huh? Event planning and execution is no easy task and we are extremely impressed by the savvy of Blockparty, not to mention the big-time partnerships they’ve already locked in during the company’s relatively short lifespan. Read on to learn more! 



So what exactly is Blockparty and what services do you all offer?

Blockparty is a full-service fan experience firm providing the highest level of management expertise in sports and entertainment hospitality. By combining fully integrated partnership services with turnkey hospitality solutions and 5-star customer service. From college tailgates, to music festival hospitality, on-site brand activations and more, the Blockparty team creates the ultimate fan experience. Blockparty is an official partner of multiple college football programs, several professional teams, and the world’s largest music promoter, LiveNation Entertainment.


LiveNation? That’s huge! Can you tell us the story behind how that relationship began?

We did a pilot run at Starplex in Dallas summer of 2016 which has driven interest from other LiveNation venues, ultimately leading to the partnerships with the 4 venues we are at today: Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center in Indianapolis, Dos Equis Pavilion here in Dallas, BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ, and PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. We work with these amphitheaters to upgrade the fan experience through tailgating and in-venue cabana offerings.


Where did the inspiration to start this company come from?

I’ve always been a big live music and college football fan, with a particular love for tailgating. I recognized that there were many more people like me looking for an easier, hassle-free, all around better fan experience outside of venues and stadiums around the country.


What differentiates your business from the competition?

Our three big differentiators are people, product, and technology.

People – we’ve intentionally hired people from outside of the event industry because we believe that the outside perspective our employees have brought to our business has allowed us to think differently with how we solve problems and the solutions we develop as a result.

Product –  We market a more premium product that consists of high-end furnishings, attentive service that is technology enabled, and a better e-commerce experience via our new website that is launching next month.

Technology – We’ve created FanText, our SMS on-demand service platform and we’re currently working on a number of technology providers on seamless contracting and payment services to remove as much friction as possible from our e-commerce experience. Once inside a Blockparty event, you can use FanText to receive immediate assistance from Blockparty attendants.


How has being a part of the WeWork community helped your business grow?

We’ve made friends with a number of entrepreneurs that have recommended service providers, investment leads, and products that our company uses on a regular basis to improve our business.


What can we expect to see from Blockparty in the next 2 years?

Expansion into new verticals, a better e-commerce experience, and increased use of mobile phone technology to deliver better experience for our partners and customers.


What is one piece of advice that you can offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Always Go. It is saying we live by at Blockparty. Go to the conference, make the phone call, send the email, launch your business…always go!



Take a closer look at the personal touch this company is bringing to their events. Chances are you’ll want to attend one yourself!


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