Our values are central to our culture.

If we sat here running numbers all day we’d simply be robots. What makes us different from computers? The human factor.

At Kelly CPA, the human factor runs deep, which is why we’re able to understand different ways of thinking and tackle unique problems as they arise. There’s a common thread that bonds our employees and keeps us moving forward together. This thread maintains its strength through six shared values that we channel every day.


Embrace change and welcome innovation

We promote original thinking and consider it a necessity for growth.


We are accessible when needed and proactive in sharing information and advice in a constructive manner.


We seek the most up-to-date information in order to stay savvy and forward-thinking.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are self-starters who greet challenging opportunities with open arms.


We maintain a team-oriented approach to every project while keeping an open mind to individual ideas.


We work to establish common goals and can be relied upon to do our part in accomplishing them.