Alex Doubet


Year Founded: 2015

Industry: Real Estate

We had the opportunity to chat with Alex and get to know Door a little better, including his inspiration for starting the company… his Mom! Want to learn about someone who is living the journey of a “mover and shaker”? Read on!



So… what exactly is Door anyways?

Door is the next-generation real estate platform that includes non-commissioned & specialized employee agents with integrated technology and a complete view of service across the home buying value chain. Buying or selling a home with Door is a no-nonsense experience with flat fees and professional licensed employee agents who are 100% aligned with your interests, not their commission check.


Where did the inspiration to start Door come from?

I couldn’t believe what happened to my Mom. The costs of selling her home had just taken thousands of dollars of her home equity. For having some professional pictures taken and a sign placed out front, the realtor earned over $2,500 per hour. Real money that my Mom, Holly, could have used to reduce the payments on her new home or save for her grandkids. The realtor didn’t even have the courtesy to send a thank you note!

I founded Door as a next-generation real estate platform in 2015 upon recognizing that today’s home buyers and sellers are now doing much of the work that real estate agents used to do. And though the agents work had changed, they still commanded a stiff fee from the seller – well into five figures for my Mom. In fact, in Texas in 2016 over $4 billion was paid in residential real estate commissions.


What differentiates Door from the competition?

Door is a flat fee based client-service model rather than the traditional commissioned sales model. It poses bigger benefits for consumers. No longer reliant upon commissioned sales agents who are not economically aligned with their interests, clients can choose a specialized model that delivers outcomes for much less. This fundamental shift from sales commissions reduces transaction costs and increases home equity. Our vision of a real estate revolution is becoming the reality – great benefits for consumers, and a huge risk for the old-fashioned agent used to 6% commissions.


How has being a part of the WeWork community helped to grow your business?

Door grew from 6 to nearly 50 employees in 2017 – it would have forced some difficult decisions if we didn’t have the flexibility of WeWork spaces. Aside from that, we took advantage of the community in several ways. 1) Participating in several events that gave Door critical exposure to thought leaders and potential investors, 2) Calling on community members for market and usability testing and 3) Leveraging other community members in the same growth stage for advice, access to potential investors and referrals.


What can we expect to see from Door in the next 2 years?

Door is really the first platform designed to support the way you buy, sell, finance and live with your home.  We’ve launched in the key markets in Texas, have added a Title company and Mortgage company, with an eye to several other places that cause expense and friction in homeownership. Over the next two years, you’ll see Door as the catalyst for completely changing the service and cost expectations in buying or selling a home.


What is one piece of advice that you can offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

You can’t invest enough time in hiring the right people.  No matter how busy you are, resist the temptation to find the immediate person over the right person. This meant some long days for us, but it was a key contributor to our fast growth – strong people, bigger than their current job who were ready to step into their next role as soon as we were.



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